Emergency Management

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Personal Safety


  • Lock your door and windows when you leave your room.
  • Do not let strangers through secured doors in apartments or residence halls.
  • To deter theft, DPS can assist you with permanently engraving your valuables.
  • Report any building safety problems to the R.A.
  • Avoid studying in overly secluded areas.
  • Do not leave your personal items unattended.



  • Walk with a friend whenever possible, walk confidently and at a steady pace.
  • Stay in well lit, populated areas.
  • Take the safest route, not the fastest route.
  • Carry your keys and any personal protective item in your hand.
  • Be aware of the nearest blue light emergency phones.
  • Plan ahead.  Know where the restrooms, food and water are located.
  • Call DPS for an escort any time you feel unsafe while moving about campus.
  • Know your limit for alcohol (you are more vulnerable when you do not have the full use of your senses).
  • Always let someone know where you will be going and when you can be expected to return.
  • Register your bike with DPS.
  • Park in well –lit, well-traveled areas of parking lots.
  • When running alone, do not wear earphones.
  • If you are alone before or after regular working hours, let co-workers or Public Safety know you are working early or late.
  • If you must carry a purse or cell phone, keep it close to your body and do not resist if it is snatched.
  • Always lock your doors after entering or leaving your vehicle.